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19 July 2016 15:58

MOST POPULAR: Pertamina Bag USD 2 billion for the acquisition of oil and gas block in 2016

JAKARTA - Until now PT Pertamina (Persero) continue to target a number of oil and gas blocks, both at home and abroad. Funds are prepared for this year was quite fantastic.

"Task spend approximately $ 2 billion this year," said Pertamina Upstream Director Syamsu Alam, at the Mandarin Hotel recently.

There are a number of areas that have been targeted by Pertamina, including Africa, western Asia, Iran and Iraq. But of course it can not be acquired all this year.

"To acquire a very can. But there is a priority for this year. It just will not be able to close the deal in 2015," he said.

Just to note, in 2015 PT Pertamina (Persero) posted a profit of USD1,42 billion or Rp19,02 trillion (rupiah Rp13.400 per USD). Of such profits, amounting to Rp6.8 trillion will be paid to the government as dividend.

The company's profit gained by efforts to improve the operating performance of the business units and subsidiaries amid weakening oil prices. As a result, Pertamina can achieve net profit USD1,42 billion, down slightly from the achievement of 2014 amounted USD1,45 billion.

Pertamina's upstream oil and gas production rose 11 percent from 548.5 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day to 606.7 thousand barrels per day, where gas production accounts for a significant growth of 18 percent from the previous 1.61 1.90 bscfd be bscfd. Geothermal production also increased by 8 per cent to 3056.82 Gwh of electricity equivalent.

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